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North Korea Pulls Out Their Cock, Wants To Compare. Again

September 4, 2009
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North Korea…they’re always just this close to enriching uranium. Then what? They use the bomb? Good luck, dumbasses. Have fun getting your country paved over. Obama could use a fresh war. His approval ratings are dropping, you know.


SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea said on Friday that it was in the final stage of enriching uranium, a process that would give it a second path to making a nuclear weapon.

After a series of conciliatory gestures by the North over the past month, the announcement raises the stakes in efforts by the international community to convince the reclusive state to give up its nuclear weapons programme.

“Experimental uranium enrichment has successfully been conducted to enter into completion phase,” the KCNA news agency quoted North Korea’s United Nations delegation as saying in a letter to the head of the U.N. Security Council (UNSC).

On a similar but not really note: It was pretty funny when the North Korean government called Hillary Clinton a “funny lady, by no means intelligent.” They were basically just making fun of her for being a woman.