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Dick Cheney: Loved by Idiots

December 21, 2009
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While adding to the pile of human excrement that is the Republican party, Human Events has decided to literally write a joke about itself.

Dick Cheney.

What has he done? Nothing, really. Just decide to start talking and act like an asshole. I mean, okay. I get it. Conservatives like and are assholes! That’s how they rule, and that’s why their supporters call themselves “real Americans” and are still whining about losing the Civil and Vietnam wars.

Can you imagine the mind of someone who thinks of him or herself as “more American” than someone else? That’s serious mental illness.


That Conspiracy Show…

December 11, 2009
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What a waste of time!

Jesse Ventura covered no new ground, whatsoever, and actually made himself look like a fool numerous time.

The worst thing I saw was probably his “maybe” claim that the government might be painting flammable paint all over the United States, just like they *maybe* painted the flammable material on the world trade center.


Tru TV 9/11 Truth

December 9, 2009
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Jesse Veutura is a troofer. His new show about conspiracies airs tomorrow (Wednesday) night, and he’ll be discussing 9/11 Truth. Charlie Sheen will join him (probably.)

This is likely the first time a purely sympathetic view of the 9/11 Truth goons will be aired on American television. Should be pretty crazy, huh?

I’ll recap or some shit tomorrow. Or maybe I won’t. Tune in to find out.

How about a live blog?

Just joking.

I’d rather be dead than live blog.

Or Twitter.

Is Twitter still around?

Support The Troops

December 2, 2009
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