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George Will Makes Headlines Without Making News

September 4, 2009
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Why is it news for a columnist to say we need to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Because he’s Republican? Because he wears a terrible wig?

George Will on Iraq:

If, in spite of contrary evidence, the U.S. surge permanently dampened sectarian violence, all U.S. forces can come home sooner than the end of 2011. If, however, the surge did not so succeed, U.S. forces must come home sooner.

George Will on Afghanistan:

So, instead, forces should be substantially reduced to serve a comprehensively revised policy: America should do only what can be done from offshore, using intelligence, drones, cruise missiles, airstrikes and small, potent Special Forces units, concentrating on the porous 1,500-mile border with Pakistan, a nation that actually matters.

Except, besides the left wetting themselves over this conservative agreeing with what they’ve (correctly) been saying for years, this isn’t news. George Will has spoken of pulling out of the atrocities for years. (I mean, the wars got Bush re-elected, why are we still there?)

George Will: Bleakness in Iraq (2006)

George Will: A War Still Seeking a Mission (2007)

George Will: Call Him John The Careless (2008)

George Will is a professional columnist. And he’s well known. Why is it so strange for a thinking person to think rationally about something like the shameless war in Iraq?



September 1, 2009
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Pat Buchanan asks the REAL QUESTIONS:

Did Hitler Want War?

Why did he let the British army go at Dunkirk?

Why did he offer the British peace, twice, after Poland fell, and again after France fell?

Why, when Paris fell, did Hitler not demand the French fleet, as the Allies demanded and got the Kaiser’s fleet? Why did he not demand bases in French-controlled Syria to attack Suez? Why did he beg Benito Mussolini not to attack Greece?

Because Hitler wanted to end the war in 1940, almost two years before the trains began to roll to the camps.

Hitler had never wanted war with Poland, but an alliance with Poland such as he had with Francisco Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, Miklos Horthy’s Hungary and Father Jozef Tiso’s Slovakia.

Why, Pat? Because he was Hitler. I mean, I’m not an historian, but I’m going to go out and a limb and let that be my final answer.

Dead Kennedy

August 26, 2009
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Ted Kennedy is dead. Unfortunate, but inevitable.

From YouTube: