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That Conspiracy Show…

December 11, 2009
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What a waste of time!

Jesse Ventura covered no new ground, whatsoever, and actually made himself look like a fool numerous time.

The worst thing I saw was probably his “maybe” claim that the government might be painting flammable paint all over the United States, just like they *maybe* painted the flammable material on the world trade center.



Tru TV 9/11 Truth

December 9, 2009
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Jesse Veutura is a troofer. His new show about conspiracies airs tomorrow (Wednesday) night, and he’ll be discussing 9/11 Truth. Charlie Sheen will join him (probably.)

This is likely the first time a purely sympathetic view of the 9/11 Truth goons will be aired on American television. Should be pretty crazy, huh?

I’ll recap or some shit tomorrow. Or maybe I won’t. Tune in to find out.

How about a live blog?

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