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Fuck You, Drudge Report

January 12, 2010
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As if Harry Reid didn’t have enough problems what with his correct assumption that Barack Obama could be elected president because he had light skin and didn’t sound too black for our country of racists, now Drudge Report is openly accusing him of having had plastic surgery. His evidence? There is none. Just two photos of the senator, each with different lighting.

Asshole he is, Drudge writes (emphasis mine), “At the height of battle, fresh-faced Senate Majority Leader looks stress-free, scrubbed, smooth and 20 years younger! The dramatic new before and after photos of the 70-year old show a change you can believe in! It appears the Nevada elder is trying to keep up with the House Speaker on more than just healthcare bills…”

Maybe he had plastic surgery. I don’t know, don’t care. But, you Republicans say, IF A REPUBLICAN DID IT!!!! WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!!

Republicans do it, too. They all get surgery. They’re ego maniacs — that’s why they’re politicians, fucks.