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Afghanistan: Worthless | October 5, 2009

It’s gotta be said. One of the lasting negative effects of the Bush administration is the useless, worthless war in Afghanistan. It, like Iraq, was a bizarre, yet useful, re-election effort on behalf of the Bush administration. And, like LBJ before him, Obama seems to not know when to just pack up and leave the impossible conquest.

When you see shit like this on right-wing websites, you got to know something’s up.


10 troops? When was the last time Drudge posted a headline about 10 dead troops in Iraq?

A process is beginning. This process will take place over the next several months — perhaps a year. Obama will do whatever he thinks needs to be done in Afghanistan, which he falsely calls a “war of necessity.” As evidenced by the right wing simultaneous joyous jig when the the United States didn’t get picked for the Olympics, the right will celebrate anything that goes against what Barack Obama wants. As RedState Editor and douchebag Erick Erickson wrote today, “I root for America, therefore I root against Barack Obama.”

Pretend or not, the mindset actually goes, whatever Barack Obama does, America should be the opposite.

So, no matter what he does in Afghanistan, it’s going to be bad to them. He sends in all the troops McChrystal wants, they exploit the deaths and supposed “tactical errors.” He doesn’t give enough, they say he’s anti-military and they exploit the deaths. He pulls out, he hates America.

That’s why the only choice is to pull out. This war was birthed based on politics, not necessity. The radical, loony right wing is going to believe Barack Obama hates America and was born in Kenya no matter what, because they are psychopaths. He might as well not let more Americans and Afghanis needlessly die because of it. afghanistan2

After all, with rumors that David Petraeus will be running for office in 2012, he might as well begin the attempt toward what we’ve wanted all along: an anti-militarism policy; the admission that all American military ventures, save World War II (maybe) have been meaningless and useless, based on manufactured lies and the ability to mass slaughter people who look different.

Obama, we all know you’ve read the radical intellectuals. You know shit. You know what should be done. So, just do it. Pull the fuck out. Military ventures historically destroy democratic presidencies and world leaders look weak when they say something they don’t totally believe in, which you do when you argue in favor of violence.

Mr. President, please, pull the fuck out.


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