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Afghanistan: Not Cool and Awesome | September 25, 2009


Pat Buchanan, for all his Hitler-defending psychotics, has a really good piece regarding a withdrawal of Afghanistan at Human Events.

Under Taliban control, Afghanistan would be a sanctuary for the Pakistani Taliban, which would be emboldened to settle scores with the Islamabad politicians who had sided with the United States.

Taliban allies in the Pakistan army and intelligence services would be seen as on the wise and winning side, while those who sided with America would be seen as losers. The odds would rise that Pakistan would face a revived insurgency and acts of terror against the regime. The odds on the survival of a pro-American regime in a country already marinated in anti-Americanism would fall.

It sort of sucks, what started out as a George W. Bush re-election campaign, could end up being the fall of the west, at least according to this article. I personally don’t think Afghanistan is anything like Vietnam, considering there’ve been less than 1,000 American deaths in Afghanistan. Sure, both countries are unconquerable (according to history), but we leave Afghanistan, it’s not going to be that bad for us. There’ll be some kind of compromise where we just drop massive bombs on God knows who from mile-high drone planes. No harm done.

David Brooks has a similar, albeit less apocalyptic, opinion in the New York Times:

To put it concretely, this is a doctrine in which small groups of American men and women are outside the wire in dangerous places in remote valleys, providing security, gathering intelligence, helping to establish courts and building schools and roads.

These are the realistic choices for America’s Afghanistan policy — all out or all in, surrender the place to the Taliban or do armed nation-building. And we might as well acknowledge that it’s not an easy call. The costs and rewards are tightly balanced. But in the end, President Obama was right: “You don’t muddle through the central front on terror. … You don’t muddle through stamping out the Taliban.”

Everything’s fucked.


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