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Right Wing Blogger Fantasizes About Beating Up Black Children In DC | September 18, 2009

This is just hilarious.

Okay, set the scene:

Dan Reihl is some loser blogger (like me !) He was at the Tea Patriot March of the Retards on September 12, along with other white, retired losers from all over the country, protesting against Obama’s daily meetings with Satan.

So, he posted this blog about being on a train after the protest, and — look out! — BLACK KIDS got on. He posted about it.

Riding out of DC on the Metro, 9/12, there were some folks from South Dakota and also another Mid-West state I can’t recall in the same Metro car. We were talking, nothing special, really – politics, of course.

In the back were maybe ten or so black kids taking up that section of the car. There was no confrontation, just one or two of them talking loudly enough to make sure they’d be heard.

Without resorting to the poor diction it was along the lines of, these are the people who think Obama is the anti-Christ. That McCain he wasn’t chit. Obama’s going to be president as long as he wants, so these people better get used to it, etc. It went on but not really to a level that was so loud, or so confrontational that it needed to be addressed.

We just ignored them without much trouble at all.

Yeah, they were technically thugs. But the reality was they were still wannabes really, pretty young, not that big, or many. And if the several adults there for 9/12 actually needed to do something about it, the kids wouldn’t have lasted very long. Maybe if they were bigger, or more numerous, it might have been worse. Or it may not have happened at all. Who knows?

Dan, some things you just keep to yourself.

Charles Johnson at LGF had a hilarious take on the whole thing:

Now there’s true courage. If those black kids had tried something, Dan Riehl was ready. Man, he would have shown them.

Of course, they didn’t try anything. But the potential for serious violence was in the air! He could tell by their “poor diction.”

Oh no. That’s not racist at all.

I think Gawker was correct when they equated Glenn Beck to a terrorist and his minions of gullibles to al Qaeda in America. Yeah, that was true. But here’s another thing. It’s very clear from Dan’s blog that he rarely encounters black people. Imagine what it was like for him to wake up on November 5, realizing a black person was president. He and the Tea Patriots must have shit themselves. He’s still of the mindset that because these kids were sarcastically making fun of he and his Dakotans, they were a) “thugs” and b) ready to fight.

I mean, really?

That’s why you see these all-cap internet commenters, who are generally 10-20 years behind everyone else, rant on boards about how all Democrats are on welfare and want handouts — they just don’t know any better. That’s why Joe The Plumber is their hero, or something. He was an unemployed loser who had aspirations of being a rich guy through “hard work.” But, clearly, that never happened. Joe The Plumber was actually more concerned with telling his life story to a ghost writer and posing for a picture in front of an American flag than “hard work.” I mean, God bless him, he’s one of the people Glenn Beck talks about when he fools his audience into thinking they would all be rich if the Democrats would just stop with the taxes. Joe actually got rich by doing what Beck’s audience does: Nothing.

What’s also interesting is what follows in Reihl’s blog:

But what’s unfortunately becoming increasingly clear is that, for the people who thought Obama’s election would make America post-racial? I’m afraid you’re wrong. Some of the potential racial narratives that may still play out during his presidency might not be that pretty at all.

Okay, first of all, no one thought Obama’s election was going to make America “post-racial.” Post-racial is not possible as long as there are still people alive who lived through a “racial” time. There are still people living who tea-bagged against black students integrating into Arkansas schools. There are still veterans who served in a divided military, in which black soldiers were shipped to Europe and Japan at the bottom of ships while the white soldiers rode at the top. Shit, Rosa Parks just died three years ago.

It’s going to take decades before we’re anything close to “post-racial”, but that’s besides the point.

When was the last time a president-elect was blamed for a recession?

When was the last time a president was believed to be the actual anti-Christ by over 30 percent of Republicans living in a blue state (where, supposedly, Republicans are more moderate)?

When was the last time a president’s birth place was debated?

I mean, Fox News and their ilk pretend to believe white Christians are prosecuted in America, which is close to the dumbest thing ever said by anyone, ever.

We’re not further away from being “post-racial” because of anything Barack Obama did. We’re further from post-raciality because of the Tea Patriots and their conspiracy theories that could be — if they were willing to perceive being wrong — proven wrong with a 3-second internet search.

That’s my biggest problem. It takes 3 seconds. Type “Barack Obama birth certificate” into Google. Just do it. Go to any number of debunking websites. There are photos of people from the Annenberg Foundation in Hawaii, holding the birth certificate with their hands. But, yeah — they’re part of the conspiracy, right?

We can’t be post racial as long as ignorance is celebrated. And because of people like Dan Reihl and the Tea Patriots, it is.


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  1. LOLOL!! Too funny. One has to wonder–without these ‘teabagger’ types, where would Fox News be?
    Would Murdoch be one of the richest SOBs around?

    Comment by PCL — September 21, 2009 @ 11:35 am

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