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Charlie Sheen Pulls a Glenn Beck For 9/11 Truthers | September 11, 2009


Charlie Sheen now has a video up on, asking President Obama to reinvestigate 9/11. Nicely. The video only shows Mr. Sheen/Estevez talking for a couple minutes toward the end. It’s mostly a series of clips shown for years in 9/11 Truth internet movies, like Loose Change, 9/11 Truth Rising and Endgame. I’ll post it below.

Sheen says, “We have questions Mr. President, lots of questions….people of the United States and the world demand the truth sir…We want our country back Mr. President, therefore I’m not just calling on you I’m calling on your team, I’m calling on each and every American citizen to wake up, stand up, and demand the truth.”

Well, there are problems. Charlie Sheen is posting this on the website of Alex Jones, a man who comes up with conspiracy theories that can neither be proven wrong or right, and makes a shit ton of money off them. In fact, Jones is a “birther,” a “deather,” and an “indoctrinator-er.” He believes Barack Obama is an illegal alien. He believes the president is an Israeli agent. He believes everything bad you could possibly believe about anyone in the government, especially the presidents, because it helps sell his videos, gets him subscribers to his website, and ratings on his radio show.

Here are screen shots of the advertisements next to Sheen’s supposed plea to have the president help him and the other Troofers:

obama ad 1obama ad 2obama ad 3

Charlie, the website you’re “pleading through” thinks the president is a fascist, a clown and part of the global elite New World Order, who, according to Jones’ movie Endgame, have special Nazi scientists that have developed technology that will help them live forever and “eliminate” 80% of humanity. I didn’t make that up.

Why the fuck would he help you, Charlie?

Oh, and another thing: Alex Jones is an anti-homosexual, anti-vaccination, climate change-denying (it’s a ploy by Al Gore to make all citizens of the world pay a “world tax” that will lead to a “world government”) nut who thinks flouride was put into the water system in order to make Americans more susceptible to “tyranny” and that City Year volunteers are being re-educated into Cultural Revolution-style Red Guards — because when I see those skinny hippies in those red jackets on the subway, heading into the ghetto to help children paint a motherfucking mural, I’m definitely thinking, “Fascist secret police.”

He calls them Obama Youth.

Sure, some shady shit went on during 9/11 and thereafter, but nothing close to what these people think. I mean, it’s fun to read this shit — that’s why I do it — but if you really believe the Bush Administration, apparently then-in cahoots with a state senator from Chicago, drove planes into those buildings with remote control joysticks and was able to secretly plant bombs in both buildings beforehand (a job that would have taken weeks), you’ve got a serious problem, and it has nothing to do with your government. It has to do with you.

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