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Red State Declares: Obama Not A Communist, Just a Stealth Radical | September 10, 2009


Don’t worry, everyone. Some anonymous poster at Red State knows what communists and socialists are, and dont worry, President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton aren’t communists. They’re just (along with their “minions”) incarnations of the Saul Alinsky model of stealth radicals.

Only the fact that the MSM are fellow travellers allowed Comrade Obama to reach power; he has too much of a record as a radical, too many radical associations, and has said too much, particularly in his first book, to be a true stealth communist as Alinsky envisioned one.  But, we on the right could not yell loud enough for a deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid voting public to hear what kind of person they were poised to elect.

Whew. That was close.


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