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Dear Gail Collins: I’d Totally Do You If…Nevermind, I Wouldn’t, But I Like Your Columns | September 10, 2009

She’s writing more about the heckling.collins-190

Let’s understand something. There’s no coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill. It’s not mentioned once. But, here’s the thing: A majority of Republicans believe Barack Obama is an illegal immigrant. Not just that he wasn’t “born in America,” but a full-fledged illegal immigrant.

There is no record of Barack Obama being naturalized to become a full-fledged citizen. Therefore, if you believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya, as 51% of ALL RESIDENTS in fake state Kentucky do, you believe he is part of a nefarious plot by the Kenyan government (the all-ruling Kenyan government) to install George Soros as supreme ruler of the U.N. Or something.

NY Times:

Let me go out on a limb and say that it is not a good plan to heckle the president of the United States when he’s making a speech about replacing acrimony with civility. […]

This was when Obama said illegal immigrants would not be covered by health care reform. It seemed like a pretty tame remark for so much disrespect, given all the recent uproar over the president’s alleged ability to brainwash elementary school students.

You might have expected Wilson to hold his tongue and wait to see if Obama would yell “Marxism is a good thing!” and send the commerce committee racing off to give workers control over the means of production.

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