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UPDATED: Follow Your Leader | September 10, 2009


South Carolina (where else) Representative Joe Wilson yelled and screamed like a baby without his bottle tonight during the president’s speech.

You get the government you deserve, people. Since 1980, politicians have been telling us that Washington is bad, so go ahead and elect people dedicated to killing all government proposals. Send the idiots to work so they can essentially do nothing.

If they can’t stop legislation based on fact, let them spread ridiculous rumors about the president being born overseas or wanting to put Nana and Pop Pop on death panels or the idea that illegal immigrants will receive free health care. Certain people — the ones you represent — will believe you, because they will believe anything bad about the black president they want to claim as illegitimate.

This is what you get.

Out Organizing ObamaWe’re fucked.

UPDATE: Clockwork.


Joe Wilson has been identified as the Republican who yelled out that Barack Obama was a liar.

He gets a drink on me!


Bob Bennett (RINO-UT) was the only Republican who stood up and clapped when Barack Obama bashed Sarah Palin over the death panels. That jackass should be taken out in a primary.


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