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Tegan and Sara: NEW LP NEXT MONTH | September 9, 2009

My favorite fair-skinned lesbian twins.



Pop rocking Canadian twins Tegan and Sara are all set to drop their sixth album, Sainthood, on October 27, according to a post on their website. (That’s the zebra-style cover right there.) There’s a tracklist and even some initial tour dates after the jump for those interested in that sort of thing:


01 Arrow
02 Don’t Rush
03 Hell
04 On Directing
05 Red Belt
06 The Cure
07 Northshore
08 Night Watch
09 Alligator
10 Paperback Heart
11 The Ocean
12 Sentimental Tune
13 Someday

Tegan and Sara:

09-25 Rifflandia Music Festival – Victoria, British Columbia
10-25 Los Angeles, CA – Orpheum Theater
10-30 New York, NY – Town Hall
10-31 New York, NY – Town Hall

First CD Sara and Tegan have collaborated on for the writing. Nice.

Wikipedia: (No idea if this is true or where it comes from originally)

Tegan and Sara’s sixth studio album – Sainthood – addresses secular themes of devotion, delusion, and exemplary behavior in the pursuit of love and relationships. Inspired by emotional longing and the quiet actions we hope may be noticed by the objects of our affection, Sainthood is about obsession with romantic ideals. In the service of relationships we practice being perfect. We practice our sainthood in the hope that we will be rewarded with adoration. As we are driven to become anything for someone else, we sometimes become martyrs for our cause. Love, like faith, can never be held in an individual’s hands. But the story of a great love affair – especially one that is unrequited or has ended too soon – can be woven like scripture or a bedtime story. And so the themes of Sainthood are tied together by this simple title, borrowed, with great respect, from the lyrics of the Leonard Cohen song “Came So Far For Beauty:” I practiced all my sainthood I gave to one and all But the rumours of my virtue They moved her not at all


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