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Orly Taitz: Totally Worth It For The Comedic Value | September 9, 2009


Tanned wigwam Orly Taitz has a new Obama birth certificate she’s claiming is real. Of course, there are a couple problems.

Washington Independent:

Josh Gerstein is all over the Justice Department’s filing in Orly Taitz’s latest “birther” lawsuit. Taitz’s suit includes — not as evidence, but as something she wants the court to verify — a ridiculously obvious forgery of a 1961 Kenyan birth certificate, obtained by a man who identifies himself as “Lucas Smith, an American,” who debuted the certificate via a shaky, “Blair Witch Project”-style video before submitting it to Taitz.

How do we know it’s a forgery? Because in a lengthy article on the case, WorldNetDaily notes that it “has reported on an authentic 1961-era Kenyan birth certificate, which looks distinctly different from the document Smith released in the video.” Not that this prevented them from headlining the new story “Panic in D.C.?”

“Damn. I’ve been had again, with another fake birth certificate!”

What is wrong with these people? Have they nothing else to do? What is Orly Taitz doing for money? She’s paying both for these fake birth certificates, and she’s paying to live (eat, drive, shop) everyday.

Who the fuck is paying her?

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