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LGF: ‘Obama’s Indoctrination of Innocent, Helpless Children’ | September 8, 2009

The more I read it, the more I realize Little Green Footballs is not a political blog. It’s a blog of rational thought. Editor Charles Johnson, who I, at one time, dismissed as another psycho Republican with lava running through his eyeball veins, actually seems like a pretty cool dude. He clearly has the best of intentions for the country — on all sides — and isn’t afraid to speak against the dumbness in his own party. He’s constantly rearing his head in places Republicans have classically dismissed as false: Evolution, Dinosaurs, Space.

I mean, Glenn Beck hates him. He’s got to be good, right?

LGF has been, since Obama’s fascist takeover election win, writing against the fringe right wing attacks on our president, and has an awesome sense of humor about the whole thing.

Some of LGF’s accomplishments:

Here’s today’s post about Obama’s “Indoctrination” speech to our public school students.

Little Green Footballs:

President Barack Obama is about to begin brainwashing America’s children, and here’s a thread to discuss the horrific implications.

Need I point out that I’m being sarcastic?

UPDATE at 9/8/09 9:45:34 am:

OK, I’m typing this on a laptop, hidden among boxes in my attic while the empty-eyed demon commie children ransack my home looking for evidence of capitalism. I managed to get into the attic right at the last minute before they broke down my door, chanting, “Smash the facades of capitalist oppression!”

I don’t know how long it will be before they rip out the connections to my Airport Extreme, so if this message ends unexpectedly, tell the people of America that I’ve found the only way to save us! The key to our salvation lies in the secret underground bu

UPDATE at 9/8/09 9:56:05 am:

I managed to escape the attic by using a spoon to cut a hole in the wall, and I made my way to a nearby library, where I’m typing this update on one of their computers. For some reason, they’re still working, and no one seems to be interested in the librar…




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