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Do You Really Hope Our Senators Are Listening? | September 4, 2009

This guy is starting to piss me off:

Look ma! It’s not just shit eating hippies who want to “green the economy” anymore. It’s an Aryan “working class” dad with a “working class” family and a “working class” kitchen!

Actually, it’s Tony Becker. An actor. Here’s his IMDB page.

He’s going to be in a movie called Savage. This is the description:savage_poster

A blazing fire rips its way through Bear Valley National Park. As the firefighters try to contain it, the animals are being forced out of their habitat including a beast that was better left undiscovered.

He was a child actor and grew up in Hollywood. I mean, clearly he needs the work, because I don’t see Savage breaking any records (or making it into any real movie theaters.) What do you say to an actor who’s in a movie like that? “Dude, if the Sci Fi network picks it up, literally hundreds of people might see you when they’re flipping through the channels. Literally hundreds.”

I also have a problem with all these commercials and politicians having to suck up to “working families.” Every family works! You can’t survive if you don’t work. Just because some asshole who looks like he might do something besides sit at a desk all day pushing papers wants to “green the economy,” I’m supposed to listen?

Fuck that shit.

You show me a dude with glasses in front of a computer — reading — who wants to “green the economy” and maybe — maybe! — I’ll listen. But the people we’re supposed to listen to, identify with, are literally the most uninformed.

What’s next? Health Care reform commercials featuring tantrum throwing old people who deserve the death panels that don’t exist? Bristol Palin speaking for abstinence? Oh…right.3858_Tony_Becker_01


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