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RedState Blog: Providing Mundane Observances | September 3, 2009

cover_erick-erickson108Fat Republican blogger Erick Erickson (real name?) has figured it out! Though it’s only been seven months, President Obama is already a “Miserable Failure”!

Whew. I was hoping someone could figure that out for me. Thanks, Erick.


Can We Call Him a Miserable Failure Yet?

Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile)

Wednesday, September 2nd at 10:12PM EDT


This is in need of repetition.

A majority of independent voters disapprove of how Barack Obama’s handling his job as president, according to a new national poll.

Fifty-three percent of independents questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Tuesday say they disapprove of how Obama’s handling his duties in the White House, with 43 percent in approval. That result marks the first time in a CNN poll that a majority of independents give the president’s performance a thumbs-down.

What is important here are the underlying details of the polling. It is not that they don’t like Obama. And it is not that independent voters don’t think Barack Obama is leading us.

It is that independent voters think Barack Obama is leading us in the wrong direction.


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