American Shorts

If You Don’t Lack’ It, You Kin’ Giiiiidout | September 3, 2009

This is just…the worst thing I have ever, ever read.


He was probably a pretty good community organizer. He’s got the right connections (terrorists, rabble-rousing racist preachers, tin-pot dictators, Chicago political machine), he’s got the shtick, he sounds reasonable, he’s personally magnetic. He’s got his Alinsky studies down pat. He’s got union muscle behind him. I don’t think the demands of actual leadership and governance matter to him one whit, so one can excuse his apparent lack of skills in managing foreign relations with non-Muslim countries, or managing domestic policy in any sense outside the accumulation of power to himself.

But boy has he seriously underestimated Americans. A population unused to its freedoms and with no long history of civilized justice, law and order, might be easily cowed or lulled into giving away those freedoms. But this is America. The land of George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson. The nation that put down the world-ruling aspirations of Hitler and Imperial Japan first, and expansionist Communist Russia second. Our freedoms were bought at a dear price.

Give me a break, loser. For the record, this dude goes over all Obama’s non-accomplishments thus far, but is SO PISSED about Obama’s plan to ask America: “Is our children learnin’?”


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