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Erotica: The Universal Penmanship | September 2, 2009

Those of us who have responsibly changed our short stories’ author to a pen name aren’t safe any more. What the fuck?

FITS News:

FITS was able to use conversations in various Internet chat rooms, however, to link at least two “erotic stories” to Maguire’s alleged pen name, “Bridget Keeney.”  From there, numerous similarities between “Bridget” and Maguire emerged, including commonalities in age, geographic location, engineering background, hobbies (knitting, for example) and number of children.  One comment left in an erotic chat room by “Bridget” even reveals the name of a professor who was at Clemson University’s College of Engineering at the time when Maguire was a student there, while another comment references a specific medical procedure that Maguire underwent several years ago.

Confronted with these numerous identifying markers, Maguire spoke to FITS of difficult times in her life and acknowledged that she had visited certain websites where such material was posted and reviewed.  She did not admit to authoring erotic fiction, however.

So, you’re saying that if I wanted to be a teacher, I couldn’t? Cross another career off the list.

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