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Kristof: Today’s Death Panels | September 1, 2009

I don’t care much for Nick Kristof’s world saving op/eds about riding camels through Africa, unsuccessfully trying to save children with AIDS while the rest of the media (see also: world) looks the other way. I know that makes me a bad person and everything, but it’s true. Those columns make me feel terrible.

But when the dude takes on America’s domestic front, man, does he hit the nail on the head.

In short: Africa columns = trigger in mouth. Politics articles = two syllable damn.

His column today told the story of his friend, whom he refers to as “M.”, and how she was forced to divorce her sick husband due to the fact that they’d lose everything paying for his medical bills — and yeah, they have health insurance.

The sob story is really well written. But my favorite part comes at the end.

NY Times:

In short, it’s a good bet that our existing dysfunctional health system knocks off far more people than an army of “death panels” could — even if they existed, worked 24/7 and got around in a fleet of black helicopters.

So, for those of you inclined to believe the worst about President Obama, think it through. Suppose he is indeed a secret, foreign-born Muslim agent who is scheming to undermine American family values while killing off as many grandmothers as possible.

If all that were true, why on earth would he be trying so hard to reform our health care system? We already know how to prod families into divorce and take a life unnecessarily every 30 minutes — all we need to do is reject reform and stick with exactly what we have.


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