American Shorts

“Proud Right Wing Terrorist” | August 27, 2009

Proud “Right Wing Terrorists”:

  • Tim McVeigh
  • Osama bin Laden
  • Scott Roeder
  • Abdel Baset al-Megrahi
  • Ayman Muhammad Rabaie alZawahiri
  • This asshole:

He’s also a birther. It’s hard to believe the birther movement has gained such traction, considering believers can put their paranoia to rest with a 3-second internet search.


And what’s with the senator? Applauding this ornament to inchoate stupidity?

And one more thing. What’s with Republicans calling Obama the “king” and “the one”? No Democrat has ever said that. They just made it up out of thin air and knew their minions of radio listening shut-ins would repeat it.

I mean, I know these people don’t operate on rationality, and most of them are relatively old, confused, and pissed off they’ve never had a purpose (too young for World War II/Korea, too old for Vietnam), but seriously, how could anyone be so fucking stupid?


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